Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog moved!

I finally have my own website now thanks to my good friend luke (SemanticX) and its -much- better!

Not only does the blog and design look so much better but it also has a build in forums and everything. The site is really well done and constantly improving.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

New websites up! SMP sign-up's open!

Here's the link to my new site/blog

Here's the link to the forum which you need to sign up at

Here's the three important links you need for the sign-up

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smp update 2

Good news! thanks to the hard work of andrexx and myself(mostly andrexx) we've managed to get the smp running pretty smoothly and have pretty much everything working properly. Also I'd like to thank our wonderful testers, they really have helped alot, though sadly testing may be over soon. Might end it, wipe the world and white list tomorrow and open the smp to paying customers!

Also good news, I finally set up my own twitter, facebook and thanks to SemanticX I may have my very own website coming soon! complete with a new blog and forums! Anyone interested in signing up is required to sign up for the site.

Quick note, the lag issue is under control. You may experience minor lag at most though do expect more lag depending on where you're from. If you're located outside of the US then you're going to have a bit more lag than others.

Lastly, Runecraft has been removed, couldn't get most of the runes to work so instead we swapped it out with MyHome mod which is slightly easier and more noob friendly, atleast till we can find a better solution. We also plan on adding Iconomy soon so people can set up their own shops and sell various items, as well as an npc that sells impossible to obtain items. (Nether materials, Sponges, etc) for a higher price. Many more possible mods being added in the future as well but we're trying to take this one step at a time to avoid more mistakes and downtime.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SMP info

No Griefng/Trolling
Don't swear excessively (alil is fine)
No racism
No hacking/Cheating of any kind
No spamming
Do not build inappropriate things.
Do not talk any other language than English in global or group chat.
Do not build within 30 blocks of an other player's construction. Unless he/she gives you permission.
Don't be a douche.
Don't beg the moderators for stuff.
Don't Bug Moderators unless its important

Don't junk up the place (Random blocks, messed up buildings, etc. Make things look nice)
Replant trees after chopping them down
Remove 1x1 towers, and other temporary structures after use

White Listed to reduce random idiots/griefers
Great quality server, 99.9% uptime 24/7
Anti-Griefing Tools
PvE server with selected PvP zones/arenas
Teleportation Pads you can make yourself.
Being able to play on a (simi) famous Minecrafter's server and possibly appear in future videos
Random Server events with possible prizes.
Animals and Monsters turned on.
Play on the same world as my LP series! (updated for v1.2 and slightly changed)

Plugin Features:
Fire spread turned off
Lava's ability to start fires turned off
Ability to "Lock" chests
Programs that allow easy reverse griefing
Ability to "Protect" Area's and Properties.
And many more to come!

In minior cases you get a few warnings, how many depends on the mood of the moderator.
In Servere cases, or repeated offenses you may be kicked or banned (Temparly)
In major cases, such as griefing or continual breaking of rules a perma ban may be issued with NO refund and
no chance of removal.

Rough draft of the rules and such, will be changed or edited as needed.

Important Info for Testers!
You'll have a few days to test the world and make sure everything works, enjoy yourself!
Be sure to build or do something! don't just stand around.
The world will be wiped/reset after testing is over, it sucks I know but its necessary.

Save File Compilation

"Boom Ready" (Old World, Panic room with "boom ready" self destruct button")

Cacti Farm (Old world, cacti farm from my cacti farm tutorial)

Christmas Special (Old world, Save file from my Christmas special Video)

Old World (The world before I started my LP series and retired this one.)

Lp World (Latest save file from my LP series!)

Lp World, Virgin (My Lp world, completely fresh and untouched, slightly changed with updates from beta 1.2)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SMP update


It's still not up yet, they are in the middle of installing new server(just my luck) but that does mean I get a better server for free, basicly. On the other hand I won't beable to start work till tomorrow atleast. On the other hand it should be up by atleast tuesday but no promises.

Also if you signed up in my last post be sure to post your minecraft name here so I can add you to the whitelist, if you haven't posted on the other post you still have to.

Edit: Also post your youtube name or email so I can tell you the IP

Texture Updates

Please back up your minecraft.bin file and your save files before installing. Installing the texture pack -shouldn't- screw anything up but back up just incase you have problems. Don't whine to me if you don't.

1) If this is your first time installing an HD(Anything over 16x16) texture then follow the first video

2) If you've ran the HD fixer atleast once before and simply want to change out your texture without having to delete your bin folder, follow the second video



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sever Sign Up


I just paid for the first month of the server and i'm waiting for them to set it up, should be done sometime tomorrow. After its up and I've installed all the mods, as well as build the spawn base then i'll be picking random people to help me test it out.

If you're interested in helping me test it post here. Please do NOT post in caps, use any form of spam, post multiple times, or do anything annoying. Simply say "Please, Sign me up" to enter. Any other entries will be over looked.

IF you're interested in playing long term and are willing to pay 3 dollars a month(75 cents a week) then also post here to let me know you're interested. It'll be first come first serve in that case, if the que fills up you'll possibly have to wait till next month (Less than 15 slots are open, currently!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Notch and SMP update

Long story short, I wasn't able to get onto the machinma realms smp and talk with notch OR nanners, they invited -tons- of random people from facebook but not a single person from the pre-selected list. I'm quiet mad but to be honest It looked really boring anyway so you wouldn't of missed much. I'm sorry that I didn't get to make it though, I really wanted to do something special for you all. I'm thinking hopefully I can atleast get seananners to do something with me, like perhaps even do a short QnA with me. I don't think i'm important enough for him to listen to me though so i'm not sure how I can get him to listen to my request.

Anyway, some good news and a lighter side. I plan on setting up my smp tomorrow, its going to take a few days to fix up but I will need some testers so I -may- randomly choose a few of my fans of all types to help me beta test, i'll do an offical video and pick people randomly from my comments. (No caps, spamming, or anything annoying or i'll just look you over)

Anyawy a few things I think i'm going to confirm about my SMP. It isn't free for me so I was thinking about charging a small fee, anywhere between 3-5 dollars to join (per month which is hardly anything) It'd be a -really- decent server, atleast from what I can tell. I'll have tons of interesting mods to make things more interesting AND help prevent griefing and make your homes and items much more safe. I have huge plans for this server and intend to make it awesome as well with tons of events for you all to enjoy and be a part of!

Some side notes I think I though mention, The fee for joining I feel will help keep away griefers, since I doubt many would pay just to grief me. Even if they I could easily ban them. Another reason I think a fee may be a good idea is, it not only keeps the server coming BUT pays for possible upgrades in the future, meaning more and more people! Lastly, Its to keep the numbers low to start, considering I know tons of you want to play and as much as I'd love to have you all, I simply won't have enough room for that many people. Fear not though! i'll think of tons of ways for people to possibly get in for free, such as contests and such, but that's still alot more planning before something like that happens.

As for donations, I'm thinking 3 dollars seems far enough to start, may increase it if I get a huge demand but that just means I can buy even more slots and have much less lag as well. The fee gets you on the white-list for an entire month unless you do something terrible to get banned, though if you make it on the white list then there's a good chance you're not the trouble making type to start with.

I believe that's the only info I have right now, i'll post more as its update and talk about it some in my video's, so be sure to keep watching and keep posted if you're interested. Also if you have any mods you'd like see added to the server then post them here or on my youtube, they have to work with Bukkit.

Edit: Oh yes! another thing about my smp? I plan to do something similar as Overwhelmed and film a video once a week(Though the servers will be 24/7) and have all of the members join in! I may even set up a vent channel and have you all chat with me LIVE!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Possible Tyken Smp?

Hey everyone, I was talking to Andrexx (Overwhelms awesome friend) about setting up my own server and I think I could get a reasonably priced server up and make it really kick ass. Of course I'd have to pay for it but I think it'd be pretty cool and a great use of funds. I have to still set things up and not -everyone- would get to play...but if you're interested lemme know.

Exciting news!

I just got an message on youtube from seananners! I think I may have been chosen to play with him and notch on the smp this friday! I'm not sure if i'll get to actually live chat with them but i'll be there, i'll get to see them and talk with text, atleast. If you have anything you want me to say to notch or nanners lemme know now (nothing stupid or bugging notch about bugs/fixes, i'm sure he hears it enough)

Also here's a copy of the message I've gotten
Hello there, thanks for the video response! Please send an e-mail to -removed- with the subject "Minecraft." Include your YouTube username, Minecraft username, and video response link. Thanks!


Oh yes thank you Zarren364 for telling me about the thing to begin with.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Test World Updates.

I messed around with my test worlds more, made sure all the items stack to 255, added stacks of various tools and armors since people have reported dieing even with unbreakable armor on(after logging back in)

I also made it day on most of the maps that count, and even added 4 new ones. For continual updates and downloads check my offical thread.

Messing with textures

I got bored and decided to see if I could do something interesting. I took a large picture (128x128) and split it into 16 32x32 blocks and replaced normal textures with the slices of picture. I replaced all of my wool textures and the wooden planks and made this!

And no this wasn't photoshopped

Friday, February 4, 2011

Alternate Textures

I got tired of having to look through tons of other packs to find the right one I wanted so I found as many "Doku" style textures and put them all on one template here.

All you have to do is cut and paste in the right places, If you don't know how to do that, i'll be posting a tutorial shortly to show you how.

Edit: Added more textures.

If you happen to find any other "Doku" textures or any other textures you feel will fit into it lemme know and i'll add them as necessary.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GeruDoku Texture Update!

Tombones has finally updated his texture pack, its till in "test" mode but everything seems to be working fine.

I wasn't exactly happy with all of the changes he's made to certain textures(Some were nice but others I could do without) so! I decided to remix it again for my own personal use. If you prefer the changes I made, feel free to download but I take no real credit for it. Any idiot can copy and paste a few textures, tombones did all the real work.

Please back up your minecraft.bin file and your save files before installing. Installing the texture pack -shouldn't- screw anything up but back up just incase you have problems. Don't whine to me if you don't.

To install simply download and unzip the file
Next, go to your Bin folder and open it up the file that says "minecraft" (winzip, win7, or winrar, unless you have mac) Also, don't unzip minecraft.bin, just open it. Next, open the folder that says "TykenMix" and copy every file and folder in there then drag it and drop it into your minecraft.bin file.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Question and Answer Segment!

I plan on doing a QnA in one of my up coming video's and I need questions for you, my loyal fans! so feel free to post any question you want(Nothing overly silly) and i'll try my best to answer them all!

Lets Play Savefile update

If any of you are interested in exploring my lets play world and messing around, feel free to download here!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Test World V1.4

Ever wonder what the "great" Tyken does on his days off? I work on stuff I don't have time for during the week while making video's. Such as work on my test world and other big projects. Here's my new test world!


Value Meal (All "Type" maps)
(.zip) (Too big for zip)









Installation Video

Tour Video/Example/Cow statue

[Yellow] A few notes
Don't punch stuff with materials in hand, sometimes it "breaks" the material in your hand.
All weapons and armor is indestructible and armor makes you unable to die. (to reset your health, take off armor and eat something)
All item stacks are -about- 255 so you should never run out of materials.

Change log
V1.4 Major Introduction of "Type" worlds, total of 8 added. Minor fixes added as well.(Added brick and fixed a sign)
V1.3 is finished, replaced cobblestone with obsidian to protect chests, added "Ammo Room", fixed cake blocks, removed lava flooring, replaced stars with ladders, Added signs and organized chests more.
v1.2.1 I fixed a few stacks that didn't work right, added stair blocks, added smooth stone.
Work has finished on version 1.2! Adding all the new items (colored wool, dyes, sand stone, etc.) Prettied things up. Removed All grass, replaced it with dirt to prevent annoying farm animals. Organized things a bit better. Added Arrows, snowballs, and eggs and other misc items.
Work has begun on version 1.2 (skipping version 1.1 simply to match the beta)
Version 1.0 released!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Contest mistake

So yeah...Apparently I wasn't suppose to let people know who I was in the contest, plus the judges felt that me promising my prize to my fans was me trying to get favorable votes. So even IF I do win I won't get a "Trophy" or any prize(Though I will get posted as one of the winners) so yeah...Kind of a stupid mistake on my part, I didn't even think about that at the time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good news!

Good news everyone(For once) I got my parts and installed them all correctly.

I'm hoping to have no more problems with recording and that should mean more movies for you guys AND better quality! sorry there hasn't been a video up today, there may not be one up tomorrow either since I still have to install everything again but we can hope!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cow Statue is up!

I finally finished my cow statue, it took tons of time, efforts, and screw ups but I did it! Its a complete 1:1 ratio, one block per pixel. It didn't come out perfect but it came out really good if I do say so myself, what do you think?


Download Link

I also entered it in a contest, linked here!

If I win I will give out the prizes(Which are minecraft gift codes) to all of my fans!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Audio Problems

Hmm I've been trying to record a few video's lately but it seems...I have to set my ingame volume down to like...9% just so it doesn't over power my voice while recording. I'm not sure why, I Tried  updating my sound cards drivers but it seems to do little good. I -may- have to record a couple of my next video's without ingame sound if this keeps up.

If anyone can help it means continuation of minecraft sounds with my voice!(At a reasonable level at that!)

New computer parts are on their way!

I finally got enough donations to order the parts I needed and they -should- be here monday(tomorrow!) but I don't think i'm going to beable to get a windows 7 OS disk like I wanted... I was going to borrow the money to get it but it turns out its actually 200 dollars, not 100(which is the upgrade version) so i'm not sure if my old OS disk(the one that came with my current prebuilt computer) will work or not..

Sigh, it feels like I'm cursed with computer problems. If none of you see me online for a while it may be because of things not working out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm sure alot of you have wondered where the name "Tyken" comes from and I Don't think I ever explained it.

Well its a funny and kind of interesting story, if not a short one. I started playing World of Warcraft a few years ago and I was always bad thinking of names that I like. One day while getting frustrated while making a new character, all of the names I liked were "Taken". After seeing that a few times I thought...."Wait a moment...Thats it! its name is Taken!" Of course that'd be a silly name so I decided to make it sound cooler, Hence the name "Tyken" was born.

Like I said its a bit of a silly story but the results were amazing. The name is cool and has a bit of an exotic yet catchy ring to it. Inspiration comes from weird sources, huh?


Just a quick update I wanted to let all my fans know. I decided to take the weekend off to do some things i've been meaning to do such as work on my texture pack, work on my test world, as well as work on my cow statue and  a few other things. I've gotten alot done ("as you can see here") but my sleep cycle got totally wrecked. Been falling asleep at like 5pm and waiting up at like 12am. Kinda messes things up and makes it hard to do videos.

Also, I could really use some help with my contest videos. Sifting through them all requires alot of time and effort and I'd really like it if someone wouldn't mind helping me out.

basically I plan to link all the dl links on a word pad, number them, then ask people to check out the worlds, rate them, leave a few notes, then send it back to me so I have a good idea where to start. It will be hard work but if you don't mind helping me out i'll give you a shout out during my contest videos. The only catch is you can't be in the contest if you want to judge.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Texture Update

I decided to mess around with the texture pack again, trying to see if I could do any better. I ended up making alot of changes that I liked. Tell me what you think.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the HD patcher link here or you'll have problems.

Installation Video:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gerudoku Texture

Since Tombones is unable to update his texture pack at the moment I decided to do my own mix using mostly his a few from other updated packs.

You'll also need this

And if you don't know how to install it.

All credit goes to tombones (And to the people he's credited) I just copied and pasted a few images around.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Test World v1.3, vastly improved!

Hey everyone, took a lot of work but its finished! Test World version 1.2 is out!

Download here

Installation Video

Tour (out dated)

A few notes
Don't punch stuff with materials in hand, sometimes it "breaks" the material in your hand.
All weapons and armor is indestructible and armor makes you unable to die. (to reset your health, take off armor and eat something)
All item stacks are -about- 255 so you should never run out of materials.

Forum Post

Edit: Version 1.3 is out and has had some major improvements. Links should be updated.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on Test World v1.2!

I posted my test map on the forums and got alot of feedback I Really want to try adding to my current version, plus I wanted to add in all the new items. So if you have any suggestions go ahead and post them here!

Fun fact!

A little fun fact about me. Alot of you wonder what that symbol is in my avatar picture. It simply means "Light" in Chinese Calligraphy.

If you're wondering why I have it as my Avatar picture, well there's a slight story behind that.

Over the years I had to think up new user names as I got tired with an old one, eventually I settled apon "LightinDark" considering I wanted something with a bit of a deep meaning, atleast to myself.

It's basically short for "Light in a Dark World" which I've always thought of myself as such, being a small ray of light in a dark, unforgiving world. Considering there are so many people out in the world trying to make things worse and so few trying to make things better.

Kinda silly but I like it. Tell me what you think.

Good news, everyone!

I made partner! youtube has approved me to become a partner so I can start making money by just doing my videos!

...Of course there is bad news, though. I've read their agreement thing and it says you're not allowed to post video's of any games that you don't have permission to do so. I'm not sure why they'd approve me, considering all of my videos are about games. Sooo...I'm not sure about that.

I know seananners is a partner(or atleast I heard) and all of his videos are about games too, so I'm simply not sure whats the deal with that. If anyone knows anything let me know, I would appreciate it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need Computer Expertise.

Ok! good news, thanks to my loyal fans i'm -really- close to getting just enough money for the parts I need but I know very little about hardware and wanted to get a second opinion, perhaps some insight of someone with more knowledge.





This is the power supply i'm going to salvage from my current PC:

Graphics Card:

Hard Drive: Not really sure what make or brand it is, kinda afraid to mess with it but hard drives are pretty universal, right?

Lastly, I might try to upgrade to windows 7, just because my original OS disk seems to have problems and I know I need to format my hard drive.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A bit about me.

I've been asking for donations lately and people have been wondering why I don't really have the money to replace parts of my computer myself. I generally hate talking about it but I figure I should tell everyone why exactly.

A few years ago my mother got really sick and it got to the point she couldn't even work. I had to quit school and work for a while and try to take care of her. Luckly she managed to get on medicaid which payed for most of her hospital bills.

Long story short..She went to the doctors, they did some tests..said she had breast cancer. She didn't believe them because at first they said it was one thing, then it was something else. Then they finally decided it had to be cancer. She tried to get second opinions but every doctor just agreed with the first and refused to even look at her till she got it taken care of. Eventually Medicaid expired and she's now kinda forced to just stay sick.

Few years later, she's.."better"..kinda. She still suffers from alot of pain and can barely get up in the morning but we both have to work now because our family friend(Which was really helping us with bills and such) couldn't afford to help us anymore.

Sooo right now we're kinda living in a small apartment in a bad neighborhood. All of our money is mostly going towards important things like bills and rent, as well as trying to move out of this bad neighorhood(Considering people around us get broken into atleast once a month, if not more)

This isn't really a sob story to get you to donate or feel bad for me, People just wanted to know more about me and why I can't really afford to fix my computer myself so I wanted to make a post about. So don't feel bad for me. Despite everything, life for me isn't bad at all and every since I Started making my video's things have really started to look up for me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dual Commentary part 2

Here's the link to our second video, he finally got around to editing it all(we had alot of footage)

We plan on doing more this weekend if possible, hopefully everything goes well and we can -both- record.

I'm not sure if we should restart our world or not.

Some good news, atleast.

I finally decided it was time to apply for a youtube partnership. It'll help me generate funds without having to rely on donations and I think I'm finally popular enough to at least try. Sadly, I doubt they'll accept me and i'll have to wait another 2 months but even if they don't I should have many more subscribers by that time so I may get in next time.

Wish me luck everyone!

REALLY bad night...

So, Today I had to go to the store and get a new pair of head phones because my old pair was pretty much wrecked..AFter I got home I managed to make a short video but it took hours trying to convert its format(kept messing up and I had to do it again and again) Then! I decided to call MyselfOverwhelmed(the guy i've been doing co-commentaries with) and just as I called him, I kicked the cord of my new headphones, knocked my computer off my desk and totaled the face plate...

Luckly my computer seems to be fine...mostly but now I have to bring back the headphones, hope they let me replace them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad Panda..

I tried uploading a video today, put some hard work in a tutorial and linked everything but I had to delete it sadly.

The video was me showing you all how to install all my mods quick and easily, using my already moded files. Sadly I had to delete everything after someone told me that was a bad idea, considering people could use those folders to pirate the game.

So unfortunately you're all stuck with having to download all the mods the hard way.

Dual Commentary Video is up!

Me and "Myself Overwhelmed" Finally did our video together. Sadly fraps was acting up for me during the test run but luckly he was able to record both us for now. Once we get things straightened out we should both have at least one dual LP series a week on our channels!

Anyway, here's the link to the first video, check it out.

We had alot of fun doing this and were just messing around half the time, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Test World, Finished!

I finally finished my "Test World" For myself and my fans to use.

It's a completely blank open area with a bunker to a huge store room full of any items you need to build and test stuff out with. It'll be great for my Tutorials and testing out new ideas, while also being great for my fans to use for the same reasons.

I have just about -everything- you need in the chests. Unbreakable Tools/Armor, All items are Stacks to 255.

Also items are also labeled now, thanks to the update from notch so you should beable to tell what everything is.

After putting on the armor you -can't- die. To reset your health and make yourself killable, just eat one of the apples in one of the chests.

Nothing is really organized or labeled so you have to look around, if anyone feels like doing that for me I'd be grateful.

Link to save file!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dual commentary?

I've met and talked to another Minecraft commentator on youtube named "MyselfOverwhelmed" and I like his video's, pretty interesting and he's alot like me in the way that he loves to be a part of his fans.

We've been talking alot and we may try starting a small SMP world(With just us for now) and start building together and doing a dual LP episode atleast once a week.

Cow Prints

I've been working really hard lately on plans for my statue since all of my fans seem to want to see it so much.

Here's some of the things I have done so far.

Reference Picture.

Cow Body: Right Side

Cow Body: Left Side

Cow Body: Belly

Cow Body: Back

I'll update the post as soon as I finish more. Also I was originally against hacking the mats in but after reviewing the material cost...well, look below and you'll see why I'm reconsidering.

Total Material cost so far
Cloth: 1240
Obsidian: 1717

Gathering all of those is possible...but it'd take many, many hours and mean less video's in the long run.

Also, I've been putting a ton of work into this, I've had to redo the body 2-3 times already because it didn't fit right.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New secret project in the works!

I've been putting a bit of time and effort (All night, actually) into making a special video for my fans. I don't have much right now and i'm not sure if all of you will like it or not but It's something I really wanted to do and so far have been having alot of run making it. I -plan- on posting it before the end of the week but we'll see what happens.

Also on a side note, as stated before I could use more funds to help fix my computer up more and while donations are very much appreciated I don't want to keep asking for them, I hate to feel greedy.

On the other hand, I would appreciate it if any of you could help me find a way to obtain the funds myself, So far i've tried ad-sense and making my own toolbar, which has helped but the profits are small. So I need help finding other ways to help get a slightly larger income. I was thinking of putting adds on my youtube channel but to be honest I have no idea how to do that. I also thought about applying for a partnership with youtube but I highly doubt they' accept me either.

So in short, if you could help me find a way to get funds on my own I would really appreciate it!

Also! if you have donated, please send me a PM on youtube with your email and the amount you donated(so I can confirm its you) and I'll give you a shout-out in my video's.

More computer problems.

I found out what the problem is with my computer, I have no idea why but the motherboard is.."backwards"? Which I mentioned in my last post. Its built really weird and while my new graphics card would of fit on a normal computer it just doesn't fit my motherboard. I can't really figure out why my motherboard is designed like this, considering I've looked up a few dozen other boards and -none- of them are designed like mine.

Here's a picture of the inside of my computer. (Sad I know)

Here's what a motherboard -should- look like.

The difference is subtle till you realize it makes a huge difference.

In short! I either have to return my new graphics card which will take at -least- 1-2 weeks before I even get my money back, plus they'll charge me a "restocking fee" of 20 bucks....Then order another, cheaper yet crappier one that -will- work with my computer, and likely give me problems in the future.

OR I can spend about 300 more dollars getting a new motherboard(one that isn't backwards), processor, and bigger casing(because mine is pretty small) -just- so I don't have the same problems in the future.

Either way I fee like i'm screwed and I may have to get a full time job(or two) just to pay for it all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good news/Bad news

Thanks to donations from my fans(One in particular being Dentist73548 for being my top donator) I finally managed to order my graphics card and it just got here today!

The bad news...Is that it simply won't fit in my mother board. I made sure to do some research and ask a few tech savvy friends and one even suggested the card I ordered..But the way my computer is made isn't fit to hold cards like that. Here's a topic I posted on a tech-help site with a few details.

Two more pieces of good news, though. I hear newegg has great return polices but it may take a while to return it and get refunded, then I have to find a new card that works with my computer and actually fits.

Also, my new contest video should be up soon, The winner is "BloodySoap" not his youtube name but its the name he wanted me to shout-out.