Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm sure alot of you have wondered where the name "Tyken" comes from and I Don't think I ever explained it.

Well its a funny and kind of interesting story, if not a short one. I started playing World of Warcraft a few years ago and I was always bad thinking of names that I like. One day while getting frustrated while making a new character, all of the names I liked were "Taken". After seeing that a few times I thought...."Wait a moment...Thats it! its name is Taken!" Of course that'd be a silly name so I decided to make it sound cooler, Hence the name "Tyken" was born.

Like I said its a bit of a silly story but the results were amazing. The name is cool and has a bit of an exotic yet catchy ring to it. Inspiration comes from weird sources, huh?


Just a quick update I wanted to let all my fans know. I decided to take the weekend off to do some things i've been meaning to do such as work on my texture pack, work on my test world, as well as work on my cow statue and  a few other things. I've gotten alot done ("as you can see here") but my sleep cycle got totally wrecked. Been falling asleep at like 5pm and waiting up at like 12am. Kinda messes things up and makes it hard to do videos.

Also, I could really use some help with my contest videos. Sifting through them all requires alot of time and effort and I'd really like it if someone wouldn't mind helping me out.

basically I plan to link all the dl links on a word pad, number them, then ask people to check out the worlds, rate them, leave a few notes, then send it back to me so I have a good idea where to start. It will be hard work but if you don't mind helping me out i'll give you a shout out during my contest videos. The only catch is you can't be in the contest if you want to judge.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Texture Update

I decided to mess around with the texture pack again, trying to see if I could do any better. I ended up making alot of changes that I liked. Tell me what you think.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the HD patcher link here or you'll have problems.

Installation Video:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gerudoku Texture

Since Tombones is unable to update his texture pack at the moment I decided to do my own mix using mostly his a few from other updated packs.

You'll also need this

And if you don't know how to install it.

All credit goes to tombones (And to the people he's credited) I just copied and pasted a few images around.