Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SMP info

No Griefng/Trolling
Don't swear excessively (alil is fine)
No racism
No hacking/Cheating of any kind
No spamming
Do not build inappropriate things.
Do not talk any other language than English in global or group chat.
Do not build within 30 blocks of an other player's construction. Unless he/she gives you permission.
Don't be a douche.
Don't beg the moderators for stuff.
Don't Bug Moderators unless its important

Don't junk up the place (Random blocks, messed up buildings, etc. Make things look nice)
Replant trees after chopping them down
Remove 1x1 towers, and other temporary structures after use

White Listed to reduce random idiots/griefers
Great quality server, 99.9% uptime 24/7
Anti-Griefing Tools
PvE server with selected PvP zones/arenas
Teleportation Pads you can make yourself.
Being able to play on a (simi) famous Minecrafter's server and possibly appear in future videos
Random Server events with possible prizes.
Animals and Monsters turned on.
Play on the same world as my LP series! (updated for v1.2 and slightly changed)

Plugin Features:
Fire spread turned off
Lava's ability to start fires turned off
Ability to "Lock" chests
Programs that allow easy reverse griefing
Ability to "Protect" Area's and Properties.
And many more to come!

In minior cases you get a few warnings, how many depends on the mood of the moderator.
In Servere cases, or repeated offenses you may be kicked or banned (Temparly)
In major cases, such as griefing or continual breaking of rules a perma ban may be issued with NO refund and
no chance of removal.

Rough draft of the rules and such, will be changed or edited as needed.

Important Info for Testers!
You'll have a few days to test the world and make sure everything works, enjoy yourself!
Be sure to build or do something! don't just stand around.
The world will be wiped/reset after testing is over, it sucks I know but its necessary.


  1. Good Luck Tyken :)

    I'll be waiting for the official release to play on it!

  2. sounds good, so far everything -seems- just fine, except for some lag. I've contacted the server provider to see what we can do to clear it up.

  3. Tyken I was just woundering if i could sign up on your SMP Server i was on holiday and couldnt follow your blog for the last two weeks

  4. Hi tyken, listen, i'm a tester, i saw you in the server, and it was really awesome, but it takes really long for resources to drop when i destroy stuff, for something i said to appear in the chat, and for acceeding workbench/furnace. Also, i keep disconnecting. Anyway, i really liked the server, it has a nice map and i felt really special for being a part of this. without all that stuff, it would REALLY great

  5. Mister Tyken, I'm sorry but, why doesn't your lava and water move? And how come all the animations of it are in fragments on your pumpkin? Lava Nor water have ANY Animations? Their just still pictures, and The pumpkin looks weird......

  6. Just rage quit off the server after an hour and a half of constant lag. cant move anywhere. if i type anything, at least 2-3 minutes for it to come up. destroying blocks leaves no resources, lag back to where i started after 2 minutes of walking away. the severe lag never went away. also u killed me a few times and the TNT house blew up on me like 12 times with me not touching anything or being in side it. it is unplayable at the moment, or at least for me and a few other people. contact me on skype for more in depth review. and i know this is why were testers and u want feedback, so here it is. just trying to be helpful, im ready to come on and test again when needed. :)

    -Bubba (Andrew)

  7. Please, really, PLEASE, do something about all that stuff i just told. i actually enjoy a lot playing with you, but i can't play like this, and it really bothers me, because i want to play with you, but when i log in in the server, i just can't stand it

  8. @Andi yeah its lag on their end, I'm trying to get them to fix it, if they don't i'll find a better server.

    @Bren use the second youtube video link, the one that uses the HD fixer

    @Bubba QQ moar! Just kidding, yeah i'm working on the lag, and yeah its test mode so i'm having fun testing the anti grief mods.

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  10. I did sir, but if I use the patcher it won't show any of the textures, MineCraft still has the defaults.... I'm sorry I don't mean to be a pest I truly don't.... But I like your remix pack....

  11. im not crying about you killing me, but that it took 3-5 minutes to respawn, and then i couldnt move 10 blocks from the spawn or even talk. but really hit me up in skype if you need anything, also i wanted to ask you a question..

  12. @bren message me on youtube, its faster than posting here and i'll try to help

    @bubba I know I Was teasing you, and whats your Q?

  13. Youtube is under Work so it won't let me send messages or comment.... I'll try real fast, I'm Battle307

  14. not lagging anymore, TP to me when in server. i found such an EPIC place. also /tp wont work for us....

  15. I'm one of the testers but got hit by q major virus on comp today. Couldnt open any programs. Took an hour to fix. But I was able to get onfinnaly but left when I fell off of the map because it couldn't generate after taking just 10 steps. But if lag is fixed I think this might give me a reason to play minecraft again. Overwhelmed server is briefer mania. And I was doing this thing with someone else but he died. Very unfortunate. Only a kid. But I think I would enjoy just building with you and hanging out. Anyways if u ever need someone I would love to be a mod. Thanks for the server

  16. I would like to apply for whitelisting when the time comes...

  17. cant get anything done with u and andrexx, crashed my minecraft, TWICE :P
    and blew out my skullcandy headphones with ur TNT tower. 30$ to a TNT explosion... cool... w/e... ill be on when lagg is fixed.

  18. @bubbagreen no moderator for you :P also tp isn't suppose to work for players, only /spawn.

    @Tech The membership version? sounds great, i'll make a seperate post when the time comes.

    @Cameron pretty sure the lag is fixed...or atleast better, hopefully I can get some tech support tomorrow to see what's up.

  19. I just disconnect from playing like 15 minutes, and i realized of a strange problem. Whenever i make blocks or items (Workbench, torches) and i place them, inmediately it disappears from where i placed them, and all the items that were the same of the one i placed, inmediately dissapear from my inventory.

  20. Hey Tyken, how do you go about locking chests? I figured I would give that a try next time I am logged in. I am running out of room in my inventory. ;)

  21. I hope You release THE server fast so there is finaly à good server
    Where u can build Nice stuf whitoud it get griefed
    So i'm waiting

  22. I just disconnected from the server, and now everything is working really well. No lag, and everything is good, now they are closing the server for a moment so they can fix the set home and lock chest. If you Tyken read this, say here when it's re-opened

  23. lovin' the "Don't be a Douche" Rule.

    Keep it up tyken

    Comment legend

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