Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gerudoku Texture

Since Tombones is unable to update his texture pack at the moment I decided to do my own mix using mostly his a few from other updated packs.

You'll also need this

And if you don't know how to install it.

All credit goes to tombones (And to the people he's credited) I just copied and pasted a few images around.


  1. I noticed that a few things still need wiok... the flowers still havent changed (so blue flower=yellow dye) and netherack has flowing water as its look

  2. Well, the blue flower replaces the default yellow flower. Hopefully tombones will do a better job then I.

    As for netherack? try reinstalling your texture pack, doesn't appear that way for me.

  3. hmm... oh well i think it looks funny... flaming water

  4. 0.o the water shouldn't be flaming.

  5. you should do as these instuctions say and the texture pack is updated

    Texture Pack.

    Download this.

    Then Patch The Texture Pack

    1. Run mcpatcher-1.1.9_04.exe (make sure the Minecraft client isn't running)

    2. Click "Browse" next to "Texture Pack" and double-click

    3. Under "Options", check everything (if you don't want johnsmith's custom lava and want to use the default, don't check "Custom Lava")

    4. Click "Patch"

    5. Close any of the windows you opened during this installation

    6. Run the Minecraft client. The GERUDOKU texture pack should now be correctly installed with working animated water/lava/fire and no graphical glitches.