Saturday, January 15, 2011

Test World v1.3, vastly improved!

Hey everyone, took a lot of work but its finished! Test World version 1.2 is out!

Download here

Installation Video

Tour (out dated)

A few notes
Don't punch stuff with materials in hand, sometimes it "breaks" the material in your hand.
All weapons and armor is indestructible and armor makes you unable to die. (to reset your health, take off armor and eat something)
All item stacks are -about- 255 so you should never run out of materials.

Forum Post

Edit: Version 1.3 is out and has had some major improvements. Links should be updated.


  1. any number over 64 in invedit is considered infinite in game =)

  2. Hmm yeah, I may not need an entire line of some of those blocks, though sometime they do disappear so I guess it does help. May trim back on them, depending on if I need space or something.

  3. Awesome :) Time for some fun explosives!

  4. if you hit a pig, or something like that, it will refresh it, and have it be 1 block only, so i think the multiples are good

  5. @mark yeah, which is one reason why I have multiples. (Incase someone messes up)

  6. actually any block over 64 is that many blocks its just it refreshes the number after you reload the world so if you had 71 blocks and use say 250 or something and refreshed the world it would be gone so you do need rows

  7. @jake hmm I may need to add a few more, then. Either way i'll see what's needed over time, I need to work on it more this weekend.

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  11. absolutely amazing world Tyken.
    I'm also really impressed with the house that you made. especially the monster viewer and the museum.

    Well done.

  12. Apparently the zip file is gone from mediafire can you fix that please?