Monday, January 10, 2011

REALLY bad night...

So, Today I had to go to the store and get a new pair of head phones because my old pair was pretty much wrecked..AFter I got home I managed to make a short video but it took hours trying to convert its format(kept messing up and I had to do it again and again) Then! I decided to call MyselfOverwhelmed(the guy i've been doing co-commentaries with) and just as I called him, I kicked the cord of my new headphones, knocked my computer off my desk and totaled the face plate...

Luckly my computer seems to be fine...mostly but now I have to bring back the headphones, hope they let me replace them.


  1. Sad to hear. Did they take it back?

    I have some good quality surround sound + mic headphones that I never use. I bought it with hopes of making youtube videos, but I have had no good ideas so far (and don't like the sound of my own voice recorded)

  2. Bringing it back soon, I was going to go earlier but couldn't get a ride.