Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello, a quick update.

I'm at 99,000 subscribers, that is absolutely mind boggling.

It really has been a long time since I posted to this blog.  Life and relationships got in the way. I think I'm going to start making Minecraft tutorials again. What do you guys think? Minecraft has changed immensely since I last made a tutorial video, for the better in my opinion.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog moved!

I finally have my own website now thanks to my good friend luke (SemanticX) and its -much- better!

Not only does the blog and design look so much better but it also has a build in forums and everything. The site is really well done and constantly improving.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

New websites up! SMP sign-up's open!

Here's the link to my new site/blog

Here's the link to the forum which you need to sign up at

Here's the three important links you need for the sign-up

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smp update 2

Good news! thanks to the hard work of andrexx and myself(mostly andrexx) we've managed to get the smp running pretty smoothly and have pretty much everything working properly. Also I'd like to thank our wonderful testers, they really have helped alot, though sadly testing may be over soon. Might end it, wipe the world and white list tomorrow and open the smp to paying customers!

Also good news, I finally set up my own twitter, facebook and thanks to SemanticX I may have my very own website coming soon! complete with a new blog and forums! Anyone interested in signing up is required to sign up for the site.

Quick note, the lag issue is under control. You may experience minor lag at most though do expect more lag depending on where you're from. If you're located outside of the US then you're going to have a bit more lag than others.

Lastly, Runecraft has been removed, couldn't get most of the runes to work so instead we swapped it out with MyHome mod which is slightly easier and more noob friendly, atleast till we can find a better solution. We also plan on adding Iconomy soon so people can set up their own shops and sell various items, as well as an npc that sells impossible to obtain items. (Nether materials, Sponges, etc) for a higher price. Many more possible mods being added in the future as well but we're trying to take this one step at a time to avoid more mistakes and downtime.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SMP info

No Griefng/Trolling
Don't swear excessively (alil is fine)
No racism
No hacking/Cheating of any kind
No spamming
Do not build inappropriate things.
Do not talk any other language than English in global or group chat.
Do not build within 30 blocks of an other player's construction. Unless he/she gives you permission.
Don't be a douche.
Don't beg the moderators for stuff.
Don't Bug Moderators unless its important

Don't junk up the place (Random blocks, messed up buildings, etc. Make things look nice)
Replant trees after chopping them down
Remove 1x1 towers, and other temporary structures after use

White Listed to reduce random idiots/griefers
Great quality server, 99.9% uptime 24/7
Anti-Griefing Tools
PvE server with selected PvP zones/arenas
Teleportation Pads you can make yourself.
Being able to play on a (simi) famous Minecrafter's server and possibly appear in future videos
Random Server events with possible prizes.
Animals and Monsters turned on.
Play on the same world as my LP series! (updated for v1.2 and slightly changed)

Plugin Features:
Fire spread turned off
Lava's ability to start fires turned off
Ability to "Lock" chests
Programs that allow easy reverse griefing
Ability to "Protect" Area's and Properties.
And many more to come!

In minior cases you get a few warnings, how many depends on the mood of the moderator.
In Servere cases, or repeated offenses you may be kicked or banned (Temparly)
In major cases, such as griefing or continual breaking of rules a perma ban may be issued with NO refund and
no chance of removal.

Rough draft of the rules and such, will be changed or edited as needed.

Important Info for Testers!
You'll have a few days to test the world and make sure everything works, enjoy yourself!
Be sure to build or do something! don't just stand around.
The world will be wiped/reset after testing is over, it sucks I know but its necessary.

Save File Compilation

"Boom Ready" (Old World, Panic room with "boom ready" self destruct button")

Cacti Farm (Old world, cacti farm from my cacti farm tutorial)

Christmas Special (Old world, Save file from my Christmas special Video)

Old World (The world before I started my LP series and retired this one.)

Lp World (Latest save file from my LP series!)

Lp World, Virgin (My Lp world, completely fresh and untouched, slightly changed with updates from beta 1.2)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SMP update


It's still not up yet, they are in the middle of installing new server(just my luck) but that does mean I get a better server for free, basicly. On the other hand I won't beable to start work till tomorrow atleast. On the other hand it should be up by atleast tuesday but no promises.

Also if you signed up in my last post be sure to post your minecraft name here so I can add you to the whitelist, if you haven't posted on the other post you still have to.

Edit: Also post your youtube name or email so I can tell you the IP