Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun fact!

A little fun fact about me. Alot of you wonder what that symbol is in my avatar picture. It simply means "Light" in Chinese Calligraphy.

If you're wondering why I have it as my Avatar picture, well there's a slight story behind that.

Over the years I had to think up new user names as I got tired with an old one, eventually I settled apon "LightinDark" considering I wanted something with a bit of a deep meaning, atleast to myself.

It's basically short for "Light in a Dark World" which I've always thought of myself as such, being a small ray of light in a dark, unforgiving world. Considering there are so many people out in the world trying to make things worse and so few trying to make things better.

Kinda silly but I like it. Tell me what you think.

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