Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More computer problems.

I found out what the problem is with my computer, I have no idea why but the motherboard is.."backwards"? Which I mentioned in my last post. Its built really weird and while my new graphics card would of fit on a normal computer it just doesn't fit my motherboard. I can't really figure out why my motherboard is designed like this, considering I've looked up a few dozen other boards and -none- of them are designed like mine.

Here's a picture of the inside of my computer. (Sad I know)

Here's what a motherboard -should- look like.

The difference is subtle till you realize it makes a huge difference.

In short! I either have to return my new graphics card which will take at -least- 1-2 weeks before I even get my money back, plus they'll charge me a "restocking fee" of 20 bucks....Then order another, cheaper yet crappier one that -will- work with my computer, and likely give me problems in the future.

OR I can spend about 300 more dollars getting a new motherboard(one that isn't backwards), processor, and bigger casing(because mine is pretty small) -just- so I don't have the same problems in the future.

Either way I fee like i'm screwed and I may have to get a full time job(or two) just to pay for it all.


  1. motherboards can cost as little as 60 bucks, and the processor you can remove and transfer over, just make sure the socket is the same, the cases can cost from 50-200 dollars depending on how badass or large you want them to be. if i can be of any assistance, let me know.

  2. I don't know how old your pc parts may be, so I'll just jump right into my second thought; If you need a single slot PCI-E card I recommend:

    Which is a slim version of my card:

  3. @mark True, but I don't want something cheap that'll break and need to be replaced, or give me tons of problems. So I generally aim for mid-ranged products. As for cases, My friend suggested a full sized tower with alot of room for addition fans or just open space for breathing.

    @Erador Holy crap that's an expensive card...and I've never dealt with that brand before.

  4. @Tyken resoponding to erador, XFX is a manufacturing company that makes AMD video cards, formerly ATI, i have never seen a single slot 5770 though...

    run you about 200 for a nice, large high airflow case, and a mobo with all your needs =D

  5. @mark yeah, problem is I either need to find a board that's works with my processor or get a new one, and considering my computer is about..3-4 years old I'm not sure I can.

    Also I may need to get new memory too, mine may not work with a newer board but memory is atleast cheaper.

    Overall it'll cost me -about- 300 bucks...I was lucky to even get the first 100 at all.

    If anyone has any suggestions on a way to get money I'd be very grateful.

  6. Well which ever route you take, computers never cease to spark my interest. So I have submited my donation.

  7. @Erador Already sent a thank you on youtube but I wanted to thank you again. You have no idea how much it helps.

  8. I was just looking at the pics you linked again... and it looks like you don't have a PCI-E slot? is the card you have currently in the same looking kind of slot that the rest are? As for the motherboard being backwards, that shouldn't affect video card output as long as you have the correct slot.

  9. It has the correct slot, considering the the same type of card as my current one. Problem is my motherboard is placed strangely. Meaning the vent on the card(Considering it takes two) simply doesn't fit right. Either way i'm replacing my motherboard soon so that should help.

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