Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Question and Answer Segment!

I plan on doing a QnA in one of my up coming video's and I need questions for you, my loyal fans! so feel free to post any question you want(Nothing overly silly) and i'll try my best to answer them all!


  1. Dear tyken,

    i have a question. would you like to go on a multi sometime with me, i think it would be really cool and i would like to learn from you. PLEASE answer!


  2. Here's a question:

    Do you ever feel an urge to upload a ridiculously long (multi-hour) video just to see that you can with your Youtube partnership? I know I would (I would probably render at 240p to keep the file small)

  3. @will i'll go ahead and answer here. I plan on making my own smp server eventually (perhaps buying/renting one) just for my fans to play and/or visit. As for currently playing on one? eh i'm not overly fond of them, generally too much lag or too many glitches, I prefer single player.

    @Tech Not a bad question but there's no way I could possibly record hours worth of footage >.>

  4. can spiders climb sandstone?

    what is a redstone computer?

  5. What gave you the insperaton to make videos?

  6. i'll go ahead and answer some of these here and answer them again for everyone on the video, so lets see...

    @Blaze not the type's of questions I Was looking for but no, they cna't climb and redstone computers are literally working computers(REALLY slow, really low tech computers)

    @Saul I didn't really need insperation, I was just looking at my base one day and smiling at how much hard work I put into it...then I got kinda sad because no one else could see what i've done... So! I decided to make video's to show it off. Then people like them so much I kept getting requests for more.

  7. Will you have my babies?

    J/K, but I'd like to see your mining patterns when you hit the caves again.

  8. hey Tyken i found some multiplayer servers. please comment back. they are really fun and low in lag. and i think i could learn a lot from you. (even though i watch all your vids. i would like to do a video with you sometime, it would be realy cool and might get me some more viewers on my blog.

  9. Hey Tyken I'm gonna ask a few questions, because I'm bored. and theres really nothing else too doo lool pick and choose. :P

    1. Do you think all British people have horrible teeth? (Pick your answer wisely as i am of this origin)

    2. Whats your favorite Genre of game? rpg, sim, shooter etc.. I personally like rpg games the best. addicted too Dragon age origins atm.

    3. if you could live anywhere in europe where would you live? and why

    4. Chicken or the egg? please answer this question in a perfect sentence.

    5. my laptop has issues, it overheats and turns off alot. i have it on a table. theres nothing really i can do about it. anyway. when i play minecraft. i save every 10 mins if i can. but it doesnt help when my laptop turns off and back on again, i start up minecraft and theres no worlds. but when i go too the save files in appdata it says theres worlds there.. :/ sooo basiclyy i have too start from scratch everytime. is this because i didnt close mc properlly?

    6. if your whole world was burning around you (MC WORLD) and you could save a small portion of it, say a room or somthing. what would you save and why?

    7. if there was a creature pack that turnt all creatures in too Justin beiber fangirls would you get it? i bet you would. justin beiber creepers

    8. Whats your education like? do you have a good job?

    well if you read all this cheers.


  10. @will hmm I'm picky about my smp's, if I ever play on one it'd have to be owned by someone I trust or owned by myself.


    1. I think its just a stero-type. I don't really know enough to determind if it true or not.

    2. I love rpg's, I like having a "reason" behind going through dungeons or killing enemies, instead of just getting better loot to kill more enmies.

    3. To be honest? I dunno. I'd like to visit a few places but I'm not sure I want to live there. If anything I'd love to move to Canada.(I know its not europe)

    4.Hmm they both taste great but I do love egg sandwhichs.

    5. I don't know alot about computers but if its -really- hot then it could be heating issues, which could seriously damage your computer.(Literally melting your parts) or it could be the power, which isn't -as- series but could still cause some damage by not providing enough power to your computer. Lastly it could be software, meaning a virus or such. Either way bring it to a computer store.

    6. Hmmm my store room(though chests are fireproof) simply because when ever I build something I generally make it better than the last thing I build.

    7. Sounds too much like a horror game.

    8. Because of how things worked out I had to drop out of highschool to help my mom, but I Eventually went and got my GED and even got my mom to get hers, too. My scores were pretty high, I almost got "Honors". Anyway as for a job? No, horrible jobs, horrible people where I live.

    i'll be adding some of these to my question list, too.

  11. Q1 - I just started watching your videos recently. I think that your creations are just great, and you have some wonderful ideas. I actually implemented a few of them on my save file, (hope you don't mind.) I was wondering if you would like to possibly share ideas sometime.

    Q2 - In your response to benster, was number seven an intended pun?

    Q3 - I installed the latest texture pack you just posted on your blog with no problem. I wasn't able to do it before without the instructional aid from your original texture pack video. I did like some of the changes. Is the thing you could quote: "do without" the lacking of flowing water animation? I gotta say, I didn't like that much either. Any way I can fix that without removing the entire pack?

    By the way I think it's great that you don't use Inventory Edit. It seems like all the popular minecraft guys, generally speaking of those sponsored by machinima use it. (This is excluding your cow, considering the circumstances.) I just think it takes all the difficulty and in-turn, fun out of the game. I think I can say the same for many games. Now I'm not exactly one to go on peaceful myself, but at least it's an in-game function. You don't have to hack in peaceful. And it seems like you've been trying to play on normal more anyway. Just keep doing what your doing and I think you'll be one of the big faces in Minecraft in no time.

  12. A1: First off, feel free to take any of my designs that you like though I do encourage you to add some of your own idea's and design to the mix, making it your own in a way. As for sharing idea's? hmm as for sharing ideas? I'd love to, perhaps I may even make my own message board.

    A2: It was more of a joke than a pun.

    A3: Hmm I tested the pack on my computer and it had flowing lava and water. I'm not sure if tis a bug or not but it -is- still in "test" mode, so we'll see what happens.

    Lastly, Thank you. I've always tried to set myself apart from others by making my video's simple and easy so anyone could do it without moding or hacking. As for playing on peaceful, its not because I don't like a challenge, its because I felt the game wasn't that challenging even on hard (Considering once you built up your base enough, nothing was a real threat) and instead just became annoying, having things attack me while I was trying to build.

  13. @tyken, do you have any servers?
    and one of the servers is owned by my friend. i trust him very much.

  14. @Will I don't have any really, i've messed around on a few but it doesn't appeal to me so much.

  15. @tyken
    really they appeal to me because you can hang out and meet new friends.


  16. @hmm perhaps but either its too small and its basically the same as single player with glitches, or its too big and its hard to find a place in the world. Hard to find a happy medium and i'm really picky.

  17. back @ tyken

    well the only reason i wanted to is to make a vid.


  18. Hi Tyken,

    There is a small cave we can see in Let's play episode 3... ( the one where you said "i see possibility ! lots of possibility !" :) )

    have you something planned for this one ? did you forget it ? do you want ideas ?

    Also, do you know how lucky you are to have gotten a so beautiful world :)

  19. I planned on making it a vacation home, mostly a place just for looks...though i'm not sure if its in the best spot. I did kinda forget about it.

  20. @kataMae

    hey, you a minecraft player or do just watch some videos? cause if you play we should hang out on a server sometime.

  21. hey tyken, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I have. I created a water drop zone to two different levels (same shaft, different drop places). One of the drop points keeps killing me alot, not always, just alot ... any idea what I might've done wrong?

    This is how it looks:

    TOP: #####
    # # #

    LEVEL 1: ##### <-- this is the level were I die
    GG #
    GG #

    LEVEL 0: #####
    # #
    # #

    # = cobblestone / stone
    G = glass

    From LEVEL 1 there is a lavafall that runs along the shaft.

    thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!!

  22. @semmie If you're using a ladder, instead of a sign you may be hitting the "top" of the ladder and dieing. If not the water drop zone -may- be too low(or you're just having alittle lag or something) which can be fixed by raising it a block or two.

  23. @tyken thanks thats the problem, I used ladders ... thanx! :)

  24. @Will
    Hmmm, seems you like servers a lot :). I play but i'm not interested in servers at the moment ;)
    Maybe someday, when i have more time.

    Well, if in the future you decide to build something on the sea... you know now where to go, you just have to make some kind of restaurant or restroom from this cave with a good view on it :)

  25. this isn't as much as a question as a help. i installed your texture pack but the bricks and the netherrack is messed up how do i fix it? here is some images

  26. @grant use this I have a tutorial if you need it. Sometimes you have to use the fixer