Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A bit about me.

I've been asking for donations lately and people have been wondering why I don't really have the money to replace parts of my computer myself. I generally hate talking about it but I figure I should tell everyone why exactly.

A few years ago my mother got really sick and it got to the point she couldn't even work. I had to quit school and work for a while and try to take care of her. Luckly she managed to get on medicaid which payed for most of her hospital bills.

Long story short..She went to the doctors, they did some tests..said she had breast cancer. She didn't believe them because at first they said it was one thing, then it was something else. Then they finally decided it had to be cancer. She tried to get second opinions but every doctor just agreed with the first and refused to even look at her till she got it taken care of. Eventually Medicaid expired and she's now kinda forced to just stay sick.

Few years later, she's.."better"..kinda. She still suffers from alot of pain and can barely get up in the morning but we both have to work now because our family friend(Which was really helping us with bills and such) couldn't afford to help us anymore.

Sooo right now we're kinda living in a small apartment in a bad neighborhood. All of our money is mostly going towards important things like bills and rent, as well as trying to move out of this bad neighorhood(Considering people around us get broken into atleast once a month, if not more)

This isn't really a sob story to get you to donate or feel bad for me, People just wanted to know more about me and why I can't really afford to fix my computer myself so I wanted to make a post about. So don't feel bad for me. Despite everything, life for me isn't bad at all and every since I Started making my video's things have really started to look up for me.


  1. Wow, never thought you had some hard times behind you... You always seems so cheerful in your vids.
    Wish I could do something... I know, I'll download your toolbar! (I would donate, but I'm on school and my money is running out :s)

  2. heh, yay. I don't let stuff get to me. No sense in being depressed. Besides like I said things are looking up!

    Oh and don't worry about donating, you can help in many other ways if you really want too, like spreading the word about my videos (or even downloading my toolbar like you did!)

  3. hey Tyken ill do my part by spreading the word about ur vids! i got my friend watching ur vids even before i read this! btw how old r u bro?