Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good news/Bad news

Thanks to donations from my fans(One in particular being Dentist73548 for being my top donator) I finally managed to order my graphics card and it just got here today!

The bad news...Is that it simply won't fit in my mother board. I made sure to do some research and ask a few tech savvy friends and one even suggested the card I ordered..But the way my computer is made isn't fit to hold cards like that. Here's a topic I posted on a tech-help site with a few details.

Two more pieces of good news, though. I hear newegg has great return polices but it may take a while to return it and get refunded, then I have to find a new card that works with my computer and actually fits.

Also, my new contest video should be up soon, The winner is "BloodySoap" not his youtube name but its the name he wanted me to shout-out.


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  2. does your board only support nVidia products? I know of another card that doesn't have the same clock speed or ram, but its a decent card, and will most likely fit your board.