Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm sure alot of you have wondered where the name "Tyken" comes from and I Don't think I ever explained it.

Well its a funny and kind of interesting story, if not a short one. I started playing World of Warcraft a few years ago and I was always bad thinking of names that I like. One day while getting frustrated while making a new character, all of the names I liked were "Taken". After seeing that a few times I thought...."Wait a moment...Thats it! its name is Taken!" Of course that'd be a silly name so I decided to make it sound cooler, Hence the name "Tyken" was born.

Like I said its a bit of a silly story but the results were amazing. The name is cool and has a bit of an exotic yet catchy ring to it. Inspiration comes from weird sources, huh?


  1. do u play on Firetree horde side by any chance?

  2. Nope! don't be fooled, not every Tyken you see is me. I -try- to take then name when I can but I doubt i'm the first or only person to ever think of the name.