Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Contest mistake

So yeah...Apparently I wasn't suppose to let people know who I was in the contest, plus the judges felt that me promising my prize to my fans was me trying to get favorable votes. So even IF I do win I won't get a "Trophy" or any prize(Though I will get posted as one of the winners) so yeah...Kind of a stupid mistake on my part, I didn't even think about that at the time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good news!

Good news everyone(For once) I got my parts and installed them all correctly.

I'm hoping to have no more problems with recording and that should mean more movies for you guys AND better quality! sorry there hasn't been a video up today, there may not be one up tomorrow either since I still have to install everything again but we can hope!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cow Statue is up!

I finally finished my cow statue, it took tons of time, efforts, and screw ups but I did it! Its a complete 1:1 ratio, one block per pixel. It didn't come out perfect but it came out really good if I do say so myself, what do you think?


Download Link

I also entered it in a contest, linked here!

If I win I will give out the prizes(Which are minecraft gift codes) to all of my fans!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Audio Problems

Hmm I've been trying to record a few video's lately but it seems...I have to set my ingame volume down to like...9% just so it doesn't over power my voice while recording. I'm not sure why, I Tried  updating my sound cards drivers but it seems to do little good. I -may- have to record a couple of my next video's without ingame sound if this keeps up.

If anyone can help it means continuation of minecraft sounds with my voice!(At a reasonable level at that!)

New computer parts are on their way!

I finally got enough donations to order the parts I needed and they -should- be here monday(tomorrow!) but I don't think i'm going to beable to get a windows 7 OS disk like I wanted... I was going to borrow the money to get it but it turns out its actually 200 dollars, not 100(which is the upgrade version) so i'm not sure if my old OS disk(the one that came with my current prebuilt computer) will work or not..

Sigh, it feels like I'm cursed with computer problems. If none of you see me online for a while it may be because of things not working out.