Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sever Sign Up


I just paid for the first month of the server and i'm waiting for them to set it up, should be done sometime tomorrow. After its up and I've installed all the mods, as well as build the spawn base then i'll be picking random people to help me test it out.

If you're interested in helping me test it post here. Please do NOT post in caps, use any form of spam, post multiple times, or do anything annoying. Simply say "Please, Sign me up" to enter. Any other entries will be over looked.

IF you're interested in playing long term and are willing to pay 3 dollars a month(75 cents a week) then also post here to let me know you're interested. It'll be first come first serve in that case, if the que fills up you'll possibly have to wait till next month (Less than 15 slots are open, currently!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Notch and SMP update

Long story short, I wasn't able to get onto the machinma realms smp and talk with notch OR nanners, they invited -tons- of random people from facebook but not a single person from the pre-selected list. I'm quiet mad but to be honest It looked really boring anyway so you wouldn't of missed much. I'm sorry that I didn't get to make it though, I really wanted to do something special for you all. I'm thinking hopefully I can atleast get seananners to do something with me, like perhaps even do a short QnA with me. I don't think i'm important enough for him to listen to me though so i'm not sure how I can get him to listen to my request.

Anyway, some good news and a lighter side. I plan on setting up my smp tomorrow, its going to take a few days to fix up but I will need some testers so I -may- randomly choose a few of my fans of all types to help me beta test, i'll do an offical video and pick people randomly from my comments. (No caps, spamming, or anything annoying or i'll just look you over)

Anyawy a few things I think i'm going to confirm about my SMP. It isn't free for me so I was thinking about charging a small fee, anywhere between 3-5 dollars to join (per month which is hardly anything) It'd be a -really- decent server, atleast from what I can tell. I'll have tons of interesting mods to make things more interesting AND help prevent griefing and make your homes and items much more safe. I have huge plans for this server and intend to make it awesome as well with tons of events for you all to enjoy and be a part of!

Some side notes I think I though mention, The fee for joining I feel will help keep away griefers, since I doubt many would pay just to grief me. Even if they I could easily ban them. Another reason I think a fee may be a good idea is, it not only keeps the server coming BUT pays for possible upgrades in the future, meaning more and more people! Lastly, Its to keep the numbers low to start, considering I know tons of you want to play and as much as I'd love to have you all, I simply won't have enough room for that many people. Fear not though! i'll think of tons of ways for people to possibly get in for free, such as contests and such, but that's still alot more planning before something like that happens.

As for donations, I'm thinking 3 dollars seems far enough to start, may increase it if I get a huge demand but that just means I can buy even more slots and have much less lag as well. The fee gets you on the white-list for an entire month unless you do something terrible to get banned, though if you make it on the white list then there's a good chance you're not the trouble making type to start with.

I believe that's the only info I have right now, i'll post more as its update and talk about it some in my video's, so be sure to keep watching and keep posted if you're interested. Also if you have any mods you'd like see added to the server then post them here or on my youtube, they have to work with Bukkit.

Edit: Oh yes! another thing about my smp? I plan to do something similar as Overwhelmed and film a video once a week(Though the servers will be 24/7) and have all of the members join in! I may even set up a vent channel and have you all chat with me LIVE!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Possible Tyken Smp?

Hey everyone, I was talking to Andrexx (Overwhelms awesome friend) about setting up my own server and I think I could get a reasonably priced server up and make it really kick ass. Of course I'd have to pay for it but I think it'd be pretty cool and a great use of funds. I have to still set things up and not -everyone- would get to play...but if you're interested lemme know.

Exciting news!

I just got an message on youtube from seananners! I think I may have been chosen to play with him and notch on the smp this friday! I'm not sure if i'll get to actually live chat with them but i'll be there, i'll get to see them and talk with text, atleast. If you have anything you want me to say to notch or nanners lemme know now (nothing stupid or bugging notch about bugs/fixes, i'm sure he hears it enough)

Also here's a copy of the message I've gotten
Hello there, thanks for the video response! Please send an e-mail to -removed- with the subject "Minecraft." Include your YouTube username, Minecraft username, and video response link. Thanks!


Oh yes thank you Zarren364 for telling me about the thing to begin with.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Test World Updates.

I messed around with my test worlds more, made sure all the items stack to 255, added stacks of various tools and armors since people have reported dieing even with unbreakable armor on(after logging back in)

I also made it day on most of the maps that count, and even added 4 new ones. For continual updates and downloads check my offical thread.

Messing with textures

I got bored and decided to see if I could do something interesting. I took a large picture (128x128) and split it into 16 32x32 blocks and replaced normal textures with the slices of picture. I replaced all of my wool textures and the wooden planks and made this!

And no this wasn't photoshopped