Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GeruDoku Texture Update!

Tombones has finally updated his texture pack, its till in "test" mode but everything seems to be working fine.

I wasn't exactly happy with all of the changes he's made to certain textures(Some were nice but others I could do without) so! I decided to remix it again for my own personal use. If you prefer the changes I made, feel free to download but I take no real credit for it. Any idiot can copy and paste a few textures, tombones did all the real work.

Please back up your minecraft.bin file and your save files before installing. Installing the texture pack -shouldn't- screw anything up but back up just incase you have problems. Don't whine to me if you don't.

To install simply download and unzip the file
Next, go to your Bin folder and open it up the file that says "minecraft" (winzip, win7, or winrar, unless you have mac) Also, don't unzip minecraft.bin, just open it. Next, open the folder that says "TykenMix" and copy every file and folder in there then drag it and drop it into your minecraft.bin file.




  1. lol... this is great i was just about to ask u a question on ur texture pack when i saw this...
    and it seemed to fix my question, thanks :P

  2. I have a question, why is there 5 tipes of armor, when it should be only 4?

  3. the "Fifth" is chain main, its really in the game but there's no "Legit" way to currently get it.

  4. this keeps crashing my game is the installation video up?

  5. Hmm strange, it seemed to work for me...I think its because I already used teh HD fixer once, and switching them out didn't matter if it was already patched. try the HD fixer first.

  6. the only way to get chain is in chests from dungeons if i recall correctly, it protects you completely from damage but doesn't last that long

  7. hey is there any way to change the mineral blocks i really prefer the original for just that but i like the rest of your better