Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad Panda..

I tried uploading a video today, put some hard work in a tutorial and linked everything but I had to delete it sadly.

The video was me showing you all how to install all my mods quick and easily, using my already moded files. Sadly I had to delete everything after someone told me that was a bad idea, considering people could use those folders to pirate the game.

So unfortunately you're all stuck with having to download all the mods the hard way.


  1. Using those folders would not give them a Minecraft account, and you have to play once online to play offline. So it wouldn't encourage piracy.

    That being said, Notch doesn't like people giving out pre-patched/modded Minecraft files, that's why people like MrMessiah have to give out their mods in "patchers" rather than already modified files.

  2. @Burnt Yeah I figured as much, which is why I -thought- it'd be safe to do but more than one person kept saying it so I figured I'd just remove it. I don't want any bad rep and I don't want notch mad at me, either.