Saturday, January 15, 2011

Test World v1.3, vastly improved!

Hey everyone, took a lot of work but its finished! Test World version 1.2 is out!

Download here

Installation Video

Tour (out dated)

A few notes
Don't punch stuff with materials in hand, sometimes it "breaks" the material in your hand.
All weapons and armor is indestructible and armor makes you unable to die. (to reset your health, take off armor and eat something)
All item stacks are -about- 255 so you should never run out of materials.

Forum Post

Edit: Version 1.3 is out and has had some major improvements. Links should be updated.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on Test World v1.2!

I posted my test map on the forums and got alot of feedback I Really want to try adding to my current version, plus I wanted to add in all the new items. So if you have any suggestions go ahead and post them here!

Fun fact!

A little fun fact about me. Alot of you wonder what that symbol is in my avatar picture. It simply means "Light" in Chinese Calligraphy.

If you're wondering why I have it as my Avatar picture, well there's a slight story behind that.

Over the years I had to think up new user names as I got tired with an old one, eventually I settled apon "LightinDark" considering I wanted something with a bit of a deep meaning, atleast to myself.

It's basically short for "Light in a Dark World" which I've always thought of myself as such, being a small ray of light in a dark, unforgiving world. Considering there are so many people out in the world trying to make things worse and so few trying to make things better.

Kinda silly but I like it. Tell me what you think.

Good news, everyone!

I made partner! youtube has approved me to become a partner so I can start making money by just doing my videos!

...Of course there is bad news, though. I've read their agreement thing and it says you're not allowed to post video's of any games that you don't have permission to do so. I'm not sure why they'd approve me, considering all of my videos are about games. Sooo...I'm not sure about that.

I know seananners is a partner(or atleast I heard) and all of his videos are about games too, so I'm simply not sure whats the deal with that. If anyone knows anything let me know, I would appreciate it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need Computer Expertise.

Ok! good news, thanks to my loyal fans i'm -really- close to getting just enough money for the parts I need but I know very little about hardware and wanted to get a second opinion, perhaps some insight of someone with more knowledge.





This is the power supply i'm going to salvage from my current PC:

Graphics Card:

Hard Drive: Not really sure what make or brand it is, kinda afraid to mess with it but hard drives are pretty universal, right?

Lastly, I might try to upgrade to windows 7, just because my original OS disk seems to have problems and I know I need to format my hard drive.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A bit about me.

I've been asking for donations lately and people have been wondering why I don't really have the money to replace parts of my computer myself. I generally hate talking about it but I figure I should tell everyone why exactly.

A few years ago my mother got really sick and it got to the point she couldn't even work. I had to quit school and work for a while and try to take care of her. Luckly she managed to get on medicaid which payed for most of her hospital bills.

Long story short..She went to the doctors, they did some tests..said she had breast cancer. She didn't believe them because at first they said it was one thing, then it was something else. Then they finally decided it had to be cancer. She tried to get second opinions but every doctor just agreed with the first and refused to even look at her till she got it taken care of. Eventually Medicaid expired and she's now kinda forced to just stay sick.

Few years later, she's.."better"..kinda. She still suffers from alot of pain and can barely get up in the morning but we both have to work now because our family friend(Which was really helping us with bills and such) couldn't afford to help us anymore.

Sooo right now we're kinda living in a small apartment in a bad neighborhood. All of our money is mostly going towards important things like bills and rent, as well as trying to move out of this bad neighorhood(Considering people around us get broken into atleast once a month, if not more)

This isn't really a sob story to get you to donate or feel bad for me, People just wanted to know more about me and why I can't really afford to fix my computer myself so I wanted to make a post about. So don't feel bad for me. Despite everything, life for me isn't bad at all and every since I Started making my video's things have really started to look up for me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dual Commentary part 2

Here's the link to our second video, he finally got around to editing it all(we had alot of footage)

We plan on doing more this weekend if possible, hopefully everything goes well and we can -both- record.

I'm not sure if we should restart our world or not.

Some good news, atleast.

I finally decided it was time to apply for a youtube partnership. It'll help me generate funds without having to rely on donations and I think I'm finally popular enough to at least try. Sadly, I doubt they'll accept me and i'll have to wait another 2 months but even if they don't I should have many more subscribers by that time so I may get in next time.

Wish me luck everyone!

REALLY bad night...

So, Today I had to go to the store and get a new pair of head phones because my old pair was pretty much wrecked..AFter I got home I managed to make a short video but it took hours trying to convert its format(kept messing up and I had to do it again and again) Then! I decided to call MyselfOverwhelmed(the guy i've been doing co-commentaries with) and just as I called him, I kicked the cord of my new headphones, knocked my computer off my desk and totaled the face plate...

Luckly my computer seems to be fine...mostly but now I have to bring back the headphones, hope they let me replace them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad Panda..

I tried uploading a video today, put some hard work in a tutorial and linked everything but I had to delete it sadly.

The video was me showing you all how to install all my mods quick and easily, using my already moded files. Sadly I had to delete everything after someone told me that was a bad idea, considering people could use those folders to pirate the game.

So unfortunately you're all stuck with having to download all the mods the hard way.

Dual Commentary Video is up!

Me and "Myself Overwhelmed" Finally did our video together. Sadly fraps was acting up for me during the test run but luckly he was able to record both us for now. Once we get things straightened out we should both have at least one dual LP series a week on our channels!

Anyway, here's the link to the first video, check it out.

We had alot of fun doing this and were just messing around half the time, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it.