Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Let's Play" File

All of you have been begging and pleading and here it is! My save file from my LP video's.

I have a "Most Recent" file, which is the most up to date save and a "Before" file which is a much older save where the world is almost completely untouched so you can explore and do what you will, making the world your own.(Since it is a very beautiful world)



To install them, unzip them with winzip or winrar, drag the folder to your save file and rename it "World#" and replace the # with the number of your choosing.(Preferably an empty slot) Enjoy!


  1. This is my most recent save. . I just finished a long minecraft session with this map.

    My base tower was initially a really really tall mountain that I carved out and made into my base. You can see the north and east faces are still not fully carved off.

    Tower has many, many floors, each with their own gimmick. right in front of my tower is a massive borehole dug with DYNOMITE that reaches bedrock (the first time, it got me and all my equipment, too -- I never expected the blast to be that powerful). Follow the red torches in the shaft to get to a sorta branch mine, except it leads to this HUMONGOUS cave system. The largest I've ever seen.

    How big you ask? I don't fully know, myself! I used 100+ torches exploring the cave, and it still have virgin unexplored features! I explored and opportunity mined till I was down to 1 pick (and no torches -- I lost my way trying to return), and finally out of frustration, dug vertically up. My haul from this trip? [21 Diamonds, 64+64+64+48 Iron, 64+64+64+62 Coal, 48 Mossy Cobblestone, 18 Gold, 2 Saddles, 1 Golden Apple, 1 Record, 62 Redstone). The place where I broke of of the ground has been commemorated with a black gravel pillar rising out of the desert. You can see said pillar when you use the minecart on the top of my tower ( it uses your minecart system - the reason I got to your channel in the first place! :D ) Just keep looking to the left for pillar.

    As for the tower? It has (basement up, floors separated with semicolons) : Nether Portal; Boat Dock, Cobblestone Factory, Fireplace; Cactus Farm, Reed Farm; Arboretum; Art Gallery, Cool Waterfall Exit; Library, Side exit, Monster Suicide Point (collection point of farm - spike the difficulty to hard to see the hilarity ensuing); Bed, Jukebox, Workbench, Forges (this was my first floor, where it all started); Wheat Farm (two exits here, one goes to top of world, other goes to other floors); Bathroom; Tram Station; Monster Farm; Observation Deck on the roof of the world.

    Have fun :)

  2. thanks man, all your projects are really fun to play around with. (thats what she said)